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From roads, railways and airports, to public transit and utilities, to hospitals and safe drinking water, the infrastructure sector plays a critical role in the functioning of our society and is vital to the continued growth of the nation’s economy. Infrastructure is an area at the mercy of politics and public policy, with so many different stakeholders, from engineering and construction companies to financiers, organized civil society and of course government, where commercial awareness is at a premium.

We have guided clients—including private companies, government and other public organizations, and funders—through every stage of the lifecycle of infrastructure projects of all sizes, both domestic and international. You can rely on our highly-skilled, multi-disciplinary team to help you successfully navigate all aspects of the process, from the initial RFP to financing arrangements, to assessments and permits, to mitigating the risk of litigation, through to project completion. And should your project runs into problems, we can help get you back on track. Because we know how important it is for your project to be completed on budget, and on time.

Green Energy

As alternative and renewable energy grows in popularity, we are seeing increased governmental regulation and control, as well as complex technological advances. We are committed to being a leader in providing legal services to the renewable energy and clean technology industry, and to being at the forefront of many of the developments emerging from the renewable energy sector. Our clients include energy suppliers (solar panel and biogas), project developers, investors, lenders, utility purchasers of power, land owners, equipment manufacturers, governmental entities, independent generators and distribution companies.

We are uniquely positioned to provide counsel to companies developing new and renewable energy generation facilities in Indonesia. Our attorneys have been involved in handling the engineering, procurement and construction contract for biogas power supply generation in East Borneo, Indonesia, the first biogas EPC project in Indonesia. Working closely with lawyers in the firm’s other practice areas, we provide our clients in the renewable energy industry interdisciplinary representation on a wide range of disciplines, including land acquisition and leasing, environmental regulation, the negotiation of power purchase agreements, engineering, procurement and construction agreements, asset purchase and sale agreements, and other energy industry-specific contracts.

Natural Resources

We assist our clients in navigating through the intricate regulatory framework of natural resources laws issued by Indonesian central and local governments. 

If you have complex transactions, natural resources to develop, and regulations to navigate, we will work as a part of your team to resolve your legal issues. We understand that the major drivers in the natural resources sector are markets, technology, and regulations. Our team of experts in mining and resources can advise clients on operations and investment in natural resources issues with a specific segment in coal and plantation.

Sports & Entertainment

Individuals and businesses in the sports and entertainment industry face a broad range of complex and specialized issues including financing, borrowing, investment, production and rights acquisition, contract development and disputes, media rights, intellectual property protection and enforcement, trademark infringement, false endorsement, and unfair competition suits, regulatory and administrative issues, construction, lease, management, licensing and franchise agreements.

Whether your need is high-profile or discreet, we work with you to address your concerns. We focus on the issues that matter to you. We understand the way the sport and entertainment industries work and we are committed to providing you with excellent client service through both responsiveness and turnaround time.

Litigation & Asset Recovery

Our litigation team will assist you in dealing with courts, governmental bodies, and police investigations across all Indonesian provinces. Our teams consist of very responsive and cooperative experts. We put forward transparent proposals on legal fees and manage all disputes in an efficient and effective manner.


When disputes arise, we assist clients in selecting the best dispute resolution option. Both disputing parties want to win. However, in most cases, it would be better to resolve the dispute outside the court than inside it. Our approach is to think about what is best for you. To seek favorable results at the earliest possible stages of litigation or arbitration, we provide expert advice at every step of the process, including in litigation proceedings, and alternative dispute resolution.

Capital Market

In the capital market sector, our practice focuses on an array of capital markets products and engages specialists in debt and equity capital markets, structured finance, securitization, collective investment contract, as well as private and public offering. We have broad experiences in rendering assistance to issuers, arrangers, underwriters, corporations, and other market participants across all major sectors and in all areas of capital markets. Acting as counsel for issuance of capital market products allows us to gain a deep insight into the issues and their complexities.


The Indonesian financial markets have experienced the most challenging conditions for the past few years and required different approaches as the markets adjust to the ever-changing economic, political, and regulatory conditions. Our firm offers commitment to excellence and delivers a full-service legal practice with highest-quality expertise in the capital market sector. 

Commercial Transactions

The success of your business is built upon maintaining good relationships between you and your customers and suppliers. Sometimes, the challenge of a commercial contract is simply determining the best approach to helping two or more parties achieve their objectives. A successful commercial contract allows two or more parties to align their interests and generate long-term value for all parties to the transaction.

Our transactional attorneys have significant experience with commercial contracts including asset purchase agreements supply and procurement agreements, buy/sell agreements, option and right of first refusal agreements, sales and distribution agreements, sourcing and procurement agreements, transportation and logistical services agreements, consulting and other contract services agreements, joint venture agreements, equipment purchase and equipment leasing agreements, sponsorship agreements, licensing and franchise agreements. We regularly advice on matters such as the choice of vehicle (i.e. a corporate entity or a contractual structure), governance, sharing and developing intellectual property, regulatory requirements and potential liability. We have experience with oral contracts sealed with a handshake, as well as complex contracts that consist of reams of paper.

Banking & Finance

Banking and finance law is a complex field of practice, with different financial activities regulated by specific pieces of regulation. A major portion of work in banking and finance is of a transactional nature. From debt and other security instrument listings to restructuring and insolvency, we’ve built our practice to advise all stakeholders across the full financial product lifecycle. We know how issues are handled across different types of debt products and markets, and apply our understanding to tailor solutions that meet the challenges of each transaction. While we understand that lenders want to limit and manage their risk, we also know that they need to develop a positive working relationship with borrowers.  We approach the loan process with these goals in mind. We assist with negotiations, provide assistance in structuring deals, complete due diligence checks on other parties, and ensure that the deal is in line with all laws and regulations, as well as completing formalities such as registration. 


We represent a wide range of large and small financial institutions. Our clients include national, regional and community banks, savings banks, credit unions, agricultural credit associations, and private debt and equity firms. From simple loan agreements to the most complex of structured debt arrangements, our specialist banking and finance lawyers help you achieve successful, timely and cost-effective outcomes to financial matters, with the minimum of fuss.

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