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Faisal Salim

Faisal Salim graduated from University of Indonesia in 1999 from Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, majoring in International Relations Study. Faisal with vast B2B experience for more than 25 years in various nationwide and international projects through managing with independent and multi-disciplines expert teamwork. These experiences bring Faisal to the whole broad horizon of networking with entitled full-featured professional work and business development background.

He also specialized in managing new enterprise project development initiatives, negotiation and strategic financial assessment aspects.


Bachelor of Arts (S.IP.), Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia, 1999

Selected Representations

Seven Gates Indonesia, a leading reclamation company in Indonesia. With main responsibility in PMO with project value estimated at US$ 20 million in the year 2019


​Sumber Gunung Mas, a services company for infrastructure projects, with responsibility for managing the portfolio of electrical tower construction, toll toad, and handling the Ministry of Defense project. Estimated project value up to US$ 2,5 million in the year 2015-2018

Karya Sejahtera Pratama, an Indonesian-based oil and gas services company. His main responsibility is in ensuring project implementation and review.  Estimated project value up to US$ 2,5 million. The project is established in the year 2013-2014

Multi Building Solution, a telecommunication company designed to coordinate between Indonesian operating partner, TEKO Telecom Italia as principal, and Malaysian investment partner, namely Touch Group Holdings Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian investment group. Acting as president director, he is responsible for all business aspects such as negotiation and creating legal drafting analysis to support the project in integrating the latest technology provided by the Italian principal to maximize the use of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) from all telecommunication operators in Indonesia. Estimated project value up to US$ 8 million. The project is administered to run in the period of the year 2010-2013

Marbella Water Park, Anyer. Co-working and supported with a well-known architect group for project development cost engineering and outcomes value estimated. Also worked closely with representatives from AWL Slide Australia ( The project is completed with a 3D water park design blueprint and strategic business plan presented to the board of directors of Marbella. The final project design is also offered to other property development groups. Estimated project value: US$ 4 million. The project ran from 2008 to 2009


Taman Cilegon Estate, a prime property development project with coverage area of around 10,000 m2. Assigned by the developer, the estimated project value is around US$ 1 million in the year 2008-2009


Shraya Residence (, a medium-up class “residence” which originated design based on Indonesia couture boutique hotel located in prominent residential area, Menteng, Jakarta. The project included design review, investment analysis, financial and market review. The estimated project value is around US$ 500,000


Garansindo Inter Global. Assigned directly from the business owner, the project scope was to conduct preliminary competitive planning to develop the management structure, especially for workshop department, analyze the daily standard operations and complete management plan/recommendations for human resource and cash flow projection of the Garansindo Mobile Service Division. These initiatives include business development in creating strategic plan and execution. Estimated project value up to US$ 300,000. The project was developed in the year 2007.

Honda authorized dealer and workshop (AHASS). The project scope includes business development, planning and management strategy, legal aspect, and human resources. Estimated project value up to US$ 250,000. The project period ran in the year 2005. 

Puri Cendana Resort, Seminyak, Bali. The project scope is to set up the initial planning process up to the execution stage. The project value is estimated around US$ 200,000 in the period of the year 2004.

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